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Hello my name is Bryan, thanks for visiting! I love the art of acting. From a very young age, it's been my passion. Acting has always been a way for me to use my imagination and express my creative side. Every time I act I'm living my dream and getting closer to my goals. I know that dreaming alone won't get it done. Acting has allowed me to discover that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. I'm not a quitter, I believe in myself. One day I hope to use my talent to entertain others and use my voice to make life a little bit better for everyone.


Bryan James Zuvic was born March 27, 2002. He currently resides in Orange County, California. He has 1 super smart sister and two loving, very proud parents. Bryan discovered his love for acting at a young age by writing short stories and comics, then gathering the family around to watch him perform. Bryan stays current with his training by attending the world renowned The Actors Room where he puts in hours of scene study, improv, monologue, character development, audition training, and much more. Bryan has booked a supporting role in the upcoming romantic/drama feature film, Fragile Heart. Bryan is known by his family and friends for his hard working attitude and dedication, leadership in soccer, and inspirational acting talent. He never backs down from a challenge. Bryan is signed with TAR Talent Management where he is managed by Steven G. Lowe. Bryan fills his off time by spending it with those he loves and watching movies, a ton of movies.

"Dreams without goals remain dreams." - Denzel Washington

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